So here it is, finally ‘finished’. Well, nothing is ever truly finished with me but considering what this website has evolved from, I’d say this was a great place to start.

A Little Introduction…

Welcome to! I’m Grace Hale, the designer & creator of all things you can see on the website. I’m a UK Based Freelance Graphic Designer & Musician that has finally decided to step out into the world and share my skills with its populace.

This website serves as my ongoing portfolio, showcasing my work, my skills and just anything that I’m passionate about. It’s my little slice of internet that purely exists to display a little bit of my own vanity, in the hopes that people will appreciate what I can do or who I am. Which, in turn, I hope helps me expand my own personal brand and offer some value to the world.

What Happens Now?

Now that there is a solid foundation for the site, with a place to show my artwork, a place to learn who I am, a place to contact me & a place for my hopefully witty ramblings in blog form; I can now officially make my skills available ‘to hire’. will by its nature, remain a work in progress. With the hopes that it continues to evolve as I do. So forgive me if certain features are broken, restrictive or non-existent; my web development skills are quite amateur at the moment and I’m constrained by the WordPress themes and toolsets.

I hope what is displayed is enough to admire and think, ‘Wow, I’m going to ask this Grace person to design my logo for my new futon painting business and alternative-rock-opera concept album!’

Of course, that is just an example and not the extent of my skills, so feel free to contact me regarding any design work you desire and we can look into it! As a fairly new designer in the professional sphere, my prices are somewhat reasonable and I’m eager to work on new projects!

Without Further Ado…

So that’s it for my first official blog post! A brief introduction to my newly launched site and business venture! I plan to regularly post further content from blogs, design work & of course, music; so check in every now and again for the latest in my ongoing crusade into the professional, self-employed world!

Thanks for reading…

Stay safe, stay Greater Than Hate!


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