Grace T. Hale (aka GreaterThanHate*), nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read my little biography here…

I’m a UK based freelance graphic designer that specialises in logos & branding but I’m currently on the lookout for new endeavours, preferably in the digital marketing industry. I’m also a multi-instrumentalist musician, primarily a guitarist & songwriter but I dabble in other aspects too. Naturally, there is some crossover between music & design, which is where my band, The Wild Strays, serves as a natural outlet for my creative passions.

*Bonus points for those that can see the slight play on words here…

My Mission

I hope to one day build my own media company that specialises in digital design & marketing, perhaps with a musical influence that can help new/growing artists achieve their own goals. Having been involved with music from a young age, I recognise the difficulty for creatives to progress in their field on little to no budget. This is where Last eLeMent Media would come in, helping others showcase their own abilities by giving them access to a collaboration of relatable skills.

My path may change, so may my destination, but ultimately I’m set to learn as much as I can and be able to apply that knowledge to teaching others.

My Experience

Before delving into the musical world, I grew up playing a lot of video games. This inspired a lot of what I do and gave me the start point for everything I became. I attended Birmingham Metropolitan College (in England), obtaining a BTEC National Diploma in Media Production with a focus on Games Development. This unearthed my passion for design, teaching me the necessary skills to always be able to showcase my abilities and make my projects feel more alive & real.

In the aftermath of my college qualification, my personal life took a massive turn (for the worse, unfortunately). Creativity took a backseat for a while as I was left to rebuild my life, making myself stronger & more resilient along the way. I joined Amazon on a temporary basis, where I found a knack for logistical operations & more logically-driven work. I stayed for several years, rising through the ranks to a position of responsibility and minor importance; before leaving to put myself on a career path that had greater personal value & importance to me.

Along the way, I joined musical projects that helped revive my creative desires. Pushing them as far as they would go, utilising my newly combined skills of design & logical analysis. It took the creation of my current band, The Wild Strays, to sustain the intensity of my working style. The band remains active today, albeit in a slightly different form, continuing to break my own personal boundaries in creativity and even project management.

Currently, I am halfway through a part-time degree in Computing, IT & Design with Open University. Continuing to expand my skillset and explore new aspects of technology, programming, web development & design.

My Next Step

I’m looking to gain as much experience in the digital marketing industry as possible, preferably in a stable environment that will give me the opportunity to thrive and contiuously push my boundaries, further expanding my skillset.

During the journey, I will continue to work on another passion project, Symphony of Souls; the first in a twelve-part series of novels. A modern fantasy, set in a fictional world of my own design. I hope to release the first book next year, where I will no doubt talk a lot about it as it evolves!

And there’s loads more! I’m always coming up with new ideas that I’m excited about, of which I hope to share directly on this site via my blog, so feel free to head over and see what’s new!

Ultimately, my ongoing plan is to become the best version of myself and hopefully inspire others at the same time. Proving that unity, respect and love for each other; will always be Greater Than Hate!


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Guitars / Vocals / Writer

Instagram Project

Creator / Curator / Designer

Media Company

Co-Founder / Lead Deviser

“It’s not about what we lose;
It’s about how we find it again”

– James T. Dunn, Symphony of Souls
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